a Brush and a Beverage

Where Everyone is an Artist


All Paintings with an  * next to the name are good choices for a KID PARTY

  Want to request a Painting that is NOT in the Gallery?

Dragonfly Flowers

Blue Daisies

Bird House

Serene Beach


*Halloween Kat

Midnight Pumpkins

*Sunset Horses

*Star Bright

Starry Deer


Birch Tree Birds


Little Chics

Fleur De Lis


Misty Trees



*You always have the option to create a 

Special Painting


for your

 Private Event

Just let me know what the theme of your gathering is and we can work 

together to choose a

 painting that everyone in your group will enjoy.



Pallet Initial






*Spring Daisies


Nightmare Rendition

On The Farm

Fall Wreath

Swirly Trees

Harvest Pumpkin

Love Birds Tree

*Crazy Daisy


Mug O'Love

Winter Wonderland

Ball Jar

Splash of Color

A Lot O' Dots

Cotton Flowers

*Dream Catcher

*Swimming Turtle

*Cute Cow

O Holy Night

White Pumpkins

Fall Whimsy



Willow Tree

Carved Tree




Personalized Ornament

Pallet Vases

Splatter Flower

*Confused Snowman

The Grinch


Personalized Snowmen

Pouring Wine

Snowman on Slate

Winter Trees w/Cardinal

The Cross

Snowmen on Wood Slats

*Witch Feet

Winged Heart

Angels on Wooden Slats

*Eiffel Tower

*Kitty Kat

Fly Away

Flip Flops


*Roasting Marshmallows


Sunset Trees

*Fun Flowers

*The Owl

Flag Landscape

*You are My Sunshine

Double Canvas for Couples

(All Double Canvas Paintings can be done on a 16x20 Canvas, as a single person class)

Couple on a Bridge

Wine Heart

Moonlit Night

I love you a latte

Love Birds

Night and Day